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The JN All-Time "Best Cop Show Ever" Tournament

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It's time to have a little fun here, and no, it doesn't involve making fun of Sperm Edwards and his Chrysler Town and Country Minivan.

It's time for a JN tournament to decide the best television cop show of all time. To start the process, I will be accepting nominations from you, the eventual voting members. If you would like to submit a show for consideration, please post the title of the show and the year(s) it was on TV.

Upon completion of the nomination process, the shows will be placed onto a tournament bracket, seeded according to tenure on television, and will face off against each other in a JN vote, with the winner moving on to the next round. If anyone would like to help me seed the shows once the nomination process is closed, I would appreciate the help.

The rules are simple

1. The show has to have been on television during its existence. No movies will be accepted. Nominated shows may come from any form of network, cable or premium television source and may be in the forms of a traditional TV series, mini-series, or other special event as long as it was on TV. The show may also be reality based shows that follow actual law enforcement officers in the field such as Cops, DEA, in addition to the traditional shows of fiction we've all grown up with. Shows featuring Private Investigators will not be accepted.

2. The show shall/should primarily center around law enforcement and the aspects, lives, and/or jobs of those personally involved. Legal shows to which law enforcement is loosely involved, i.e. Law & Order, will not be accepted. The show must center around street cops, detectives, SWAT, undercover officers, or other individuals directly involved with the direct application of law enforcement. Shows in which the primary plot centers around the prosecution/defense of authorized charges will not be accepted.

3. I shall have final decision as to whether a show qualifies as a 'cop show', but welcome supporting positions should u wish to express one.

4. Nominations will be accepted until a sufficient bracket is established. Once the bracket has been made, each head to head competition will be voted on in a thread by you, the voting members.

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I failed to rule on Private Investigator shows.

What does everyone think?

as much as I love The Rockford Files-Jimbo was hated by the LAPD (except for Dennis Becker) so I say FAIL PI shows are NOT cop shows

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