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Outside the Lines-- PSU


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Just lost all respect for Joe Pa

watch the episode, Joe PA looks like a complete moron.

I watched the first part of it and then when JoePa started talking about a witch hunt and talking invdividuals versus the total number I shut it off.

JoePa might not know the name of a 3rd or 4th string freshmen linemen, but 46 players? Especially for assault and terroistic intimidation.

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Penn State defensive tackles Chris Baker and Phil Taylor have been kicked off the team.

Team spokesman Jeff Nelson said Wednesday no information was available for why Baker and Taylor were dismissed. Baker and Taylor had been disciplined by the school and coach Joe Paterno for off-field incidents last year.

Baker, a junior from Windsor, Conn., was sentenced to two years' probation in Centre County court in May for his role in two separate fights. He had been allowed to work out with the team again.

Taylor, a junior from Clinton, Md., had been sentenced to one year of probation in connection with his role in an on-campus fight. He was not able to rejoin the team until Aug. 16.

Paterno said last week that he had not made a final decision yet on the players' status for the regular season. According to an "Outside the Lines" report this week, since 2002, 46 Penn State football players had criminal charges filed against them and 27 either pleaded guilty or were convicted. Baker and Taylor were among those who were guilty in connection with a fight.

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