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The Race To One Million


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The damn lawn never grew in well, so I moved out...

It's the new guys' problem..

My new lawn has a mole problem, it's like walking on mashed potatoes. Any ideas?

Yeah, you have to buy this stuff at home depot to kill them(mole killer stuff) it might be vols too. you open up the ''plugs'' inside the holes and put a couple of spoonfuls of that crap and then put the plugs back in. after a couple of weeks you can fill all the holes in.

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It's not the server, it's God finally getting involved.

Honestly, WTF do you even post on this site for? You were banned on your earlier account where you were clearly he for no other reason but to spam the board with unreal BS and now you're here spewing more of your crap. Seriously take that **** back to JI, and go lick Sooths balls some more. Your act of 'Internet Tough Guy' has grown old.

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