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****The Official Jetnation Roll call for the Miami Opener Tailgate****


What are we gonna do?  

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  1. 1. What are we gonna do?

    • Actually go to the game AND Tail gate
    • Brenda's plan B
    • Tailgate and go to Packy's (sp?)
    • Sleep in and watch at air conditioned Gin Mill
    • I don't have a 5th option. I screwed up.

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On a more serious note, what is the weather situation supposed to be there tomorrow. Bad weather is the great equalizer and favors team that can run the ball well unfortunately.

No rain in the forecast, It'll be hot as hell. We always get beautiful weather before a storm. Though it looks like its gonna miss us entirely...

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It was a kick ass time! 124 must have text messaged everybody eleventy billion times this weekend.

It was great meeting Mr. and Mrs. ChefJet and a whole list of others!

Special thanks to Joebaby for the tailgating refreshments! and frickin khesanh!! this dude did some of the best gourmet bar-b-q'ing I think I've ever seen! you guys rock!

Thanks again! now I have to find out what happened last night because I woke up with a severely ****ed up shoulder, and I have no idea how I did it. :confused0058:

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According to Brenda about 15 minutes ago, BP is passed out. Brenda and Jetfan13 are going strong.

Passed out by 8 o'clock??? Hopefully someone has secured his passport. BP is like the guy who enters a marathon and runs as fast as he can for 5 miles and then collapses. Hopefully he paces himself on Sunday.

I don't know where Brenda puts it all. Well, I have an idea, but I'm not going to say it.

I woke up at 4am with my face planted straight down into the pillow fully clothed with my sneakers on. I completely ran out of gas.

Update from 4HCrew & Brenda:

- Jetfan13 was kicked off the beach for stealing a hot dog off of the beach's grill.

- BP was passed out on the beach by 1:30 this afternoon and was given a ticket and now has to go back down to Miami at a later date.

- Can't Hackett also got into an altercation while playing Volleyball.

:rl: :rl: :rl:.

These are absolute falsehoods!! none of this is true!

At least Brenda, 4H and Savage can control themselves.

Everyone is now drinking at some Sports Bar having a GREAT time. Wish I was there.

This is true

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Just got home -- I am totally wiped out -- nice meeting and seeing most of you again

back to normal tomorrow -- to many names to list -- a for get about remembering

no more trips this year but count me in for sure next year in New Orleans

oh and Keshawn pm me sometime and we can hook up in our neck of the woods --

til next time

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Hey everyone...

Great time yesterday. Great getting to meet a lot of you guys.

I was totally and completely wiped after the game... never been so drained after a game. It was brutal in the sun.

Thank God we won.

Now you know why I was hanging in the shade most of the tailgate -- it was still brutal but like you said still worth it --

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Lets fast forward a bit now.................Dec.28th waiting on that last Christmas Present to be delivered a last home Victory, we will have to have to win the Division in our last game of the season & again it`s Farve vs. Pennington ,this is going to be a season to remember -4- Sure.

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