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NFL network preseason replay Schedule


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If anyone wants to tape or see the replays of the Jets preseason game (or any other games) the NFL network released the schedule:


Week 1 New York Jets at Cleveland Browns

Saturday, Aug. 9 10 a.m.(HD)

Monday, Aug. 11 1 a.m. (HD)

Tuesday, Aug. 12 1 p.m. (HD)

Week 2 Washington Redskins at New York Jets

Sunday, Aug. 17 7 a.m.(HD)

Tuesday, Aug. 19 12:30 p.m. (HD)

Week 3 New York Giants at New York Jets

Sunday, Aug. 24 4 p.m.(HD)

Monday, Aug. 25 7 a.m.(HD)

Tuesday, Aug. 26 6 a.m. (HD)

Wednesday, Aug, 27 3:30 p.m. (HD)

Week 4 New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles

Saturday, Aug, 30 11 a.m. (HD)

*all times are EST

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