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Joba hurts his shoulder? WTF happened?


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Joba Chamberlain will fly back to New York tomorrow for an MRI and other tests on his right shoulder.

Chamberlain said he was injured in the fifth inning while pitching. “It was something where it grabbed and popped and got stiff,” he said.

The injury appears more muscular in nature and does not involve the labrum or rotator cuff. “It doesn’t hurt in the wrong places,” Chamberlain said. “My velocity was fine.”

Joe Girardi said that at the very least, Chamberlain would miss his next start. The last time he said that about a starter was Chien-Ming Wang.

Given his age and importance to the organization, you can expect the Yankees to be very cautious with this. It’s almost certain he will go on the disabled list and he could be shut down for a while

Calling Ian Patrick Kennedy

Calling Phil Hughes

Calling , dare I say, CARL PAVANO

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