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August 5, 2008

Day 13: a long day's journey into practice

No, still not a declaration as yet on who starts Thursday in Cleveland. Maybe it will be Favre. Kidding. A little. The Jets never officially took themselves out of that race so until it's dead...

So back to Thursday and what we know, which isn't much. Chad Pennington said a few minutes ago after practice that he expects to be informed of who starts the night before the game.

Just reporting what the man said.

Eric Mangini said the decision would be made, "Later today, tomorrow," and everyone immediately leapt to their computers to report that scoop (we kid, of course).

For what it's worth - probably not much - if you go by the fact quarterbacks have been basically alternating with the first team, Clemens would start Thursday because Pennington went with the 1s today. And there's no practice tomorrow as it

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* Mike Nugent ended the 1 hour 53 minute practice by hitting all seven of his field goal tries.

Chyea! \:D/

Hopefully Ellis' injury isn't anymore than a nick. Harris probably will not play against Cleveland.

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