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The 1st annual HOT men contest


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TomShane: You DIG my wicked disgustingness! When are you buying me dinner again?

You know that invitation is always open, even to a Jets fan like you! :P

p.s. I had to relog in 8 times just to send this reply. lol.

Looks like someone has been typing with one hand again.

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More from Ms. Brenda -

This is the "WHEW..its hot in here!!!" picture:


This is the "the ladies will be at our ribbon cutting ceremony" picture:


Next was the disgusting picture posted before < eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww>

Then cane this picture:


Then the fat ladies again, and another picture I do not have ( 4HCrew ), then...

Then the "NE Patsy Hick" picture:


This is the "famous Bitonti" picture:


These are the new ones --

"me when I kicked the milliondollar field goal "


me stalking the locker room


This is what you were missing!

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