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Camp Report: StepChild goes to camp...

NFLs StepChild

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I posted this over n the addicts board, but thought I'd share my report with

you guys as well. Below is the thread.

Standing And Cheering in the Front Row

Favre, looks like Brett spent the whole day in Jets Playbook 101. He was attached to the hip of Schotty and/or Daboll for most of the day. He had some very nice throws and was looking ok overall, still a bit rusty but yeah it was definitely Favre out there. Soon as he gets acclimated and shakes off the rust and knows the playbook, he'll be back to business. He squeezed a terrific throw in between 2 defenders to Cotch for a long gain, I'd put it at about 35+ yards. He can thread the needle still, but it got me thinking, man Favre is going to be Favre and make those throws even when it may not be the best idea. But then right after that he went through his progressions and saw nothing and threw it away. He also launched an absolute missile to Cotch for a long TD, I think it was put in there to wow the crowd and it did. They went nuts.

On my limited attention to the Defense, I can tell you that Rhodes and Revis looked very good. Rhodes got after a nice pass to Cotch and cut it down killing a long play. Revis mixed it up on one play with a RB early and then started shoving him back on the ground after the play was dead and was being quite aggressive in his coverage. Good fun playing football or does Revis have a mean streak??? Either way, he looked very good. But is this shocking? No. Also from the No Duh list was Harris impressing on a "sack" of Ratliff. Who also looked pretty good you ask? Well Miller looked decent in coverage as did Elam, BT had a nice play getting pressure on the passer, and #47 was running around and causing redirection quite often on a lot of plays. Who was #47? Nobod knew...maybe something to watch for.

I went to the back of the field after practice died down and watched some of the defensive coaches and offensive coaches working with guys who needed help on their techniques. Who was there? Ratliff, Kinlaw (RB#23) who I thought was Jesse Chatman till the guy next to me corrected me, Montgomery, McChesney, Jehruu Calcrick, Posiack, Ropati Pitoitua, the behemouth #59, oh yeah and Gholston. They all practice run plays over tackle again and again until they got things right. They must have run it 15 to 20 times imo. Hermann, Sutton and Cox were all there and Gholston was getting a lot of work. I'm not sure they ever did get the play completely right, but they were absolutely killing themselves on every play. The best matchup was easily Jehruu (as a blocking FB) and Gholston as an OLB were colliding full force and were seemingly trying to kill each other. Jehruu won that battle as he scurried off after the battle and left Gholston dehydrated and possibly with his bell rung. Gholston stayed behind for a few minutes down on a knee after everyone else went back in to the building. He was talking with a staff member the whole time, but I couldn't tell you who he was, may have just been the water boy. Pitoitua was getting chided, pestered and flat out harrassed (all in a good way mind you, all in fun) by on of the coaches/trainers in an effort to motivate him. It did not sem to do much. He was invisible.

Standing And Cheering in the Front Row

I did not see or notice either Murrell or Cummings, sorry.

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A few other notes..

Ratliff ran many plays in the 2nd QB slot....really starts to ask the question on who will be our backup. I think we still might be in competition, but here for teh backup and not the starter. Ratliff is playing great ball right now....throwing two great seam routes to Brad Smith definitely raised an eyebrow today.

Stuckey had a strong practice...he catches ball from all 3 qb's against all three levels of CB's. He will be the slot guy in my opinion. His skills are perfect for this office.

Brad Smith had a really strong practice as well...but know that he will be the 5th or 6th option on this teamout of the backfield after Coles, Cotch, Stuckey, Keller, and Whatever RB is in the backfield.

Jed Pociask also went for a 75 yard TD catch and run, of which 65 yards were after the catch. Grant it, it was a defensive mistake and coverage error, but he did take the ball and run which was entertaining.

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