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Jets Vs. Redskins 3 Seats Sec 133 ROW Y! GREAT PACKAGE AND its CHEAP

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I have 3 tickets section 133 (25 yardline) for the Jets Vs Redskins Preseason game. It's ROW Y which is either the first or the second row from the field (i'm not sure which one) , you could probably spit on the field either way. And with it I will also throw in a free parking pass, and it's not the general pass, it's for LOT 5... JUST MAKE SURE YOU USE THE RIGHTMOST LANE AT ENTRY TOLL PLAZA.. I'll also throw in 3 STADIUM CLUB PASSES.. Which means after the game you can go to the restruant and really ( I don't know what the hell else i'm just trying to get rid of these tickets for a friend to another Jets fan) bottom line is you'll have a good friggin time..

I'm Asking for 30 for each seat.. So that's only 90 for 3 tickets 133 Row Y, a Reserved Parking Pass, and 3 Stadium Club passes. If that's to much best offer will do.. First one to PM me with the 90 $ will get the tickets. If noone does, highest bidder wins..

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