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Browns / Giants - Monday Night Football


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To quote the great Vince Lombardi:

"What the hell is going on out here!!!???"

Domenick Hixon played out of his freakin' mind and the Browns offensive line as well as Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis just completely **** the bed. The starters left the game at 30-3 but the Browns backups have now closed the gap to 30-17 and we're not even at halftime yet. Holy ****.

The Browns arn't this bad and the Giants arn't this good.

Man I hate Preseason. Can we get to the real games please?

And hopefully Anderson's injury isn't too serious.

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anyone notice the Giants depth at wideout?

burress, toomer, tyree (pup), steve smith, moss jr, this Hixon guy

when Tyree is back that will be a deadly attack with Eli and a solid line.

I love football! I already put in for Sunday to be taken off my work schedule starting August 30th

other than that damned "NFL Network exclusive game" crap there shouldn't be any reason for me to miss a game for my Jets and Giants :character42:


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The first quarter was pretty entertaining, Hixon played amazing.

I'd say Anderson will be okay, but hopefully it doesn't have future implications on his career. Now we get to see what Checkdown Quinn can do.

Looks like Quinn may have just won the starting job. Anderson has a concussion and Quinn looked good tonight.

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