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The Blackout Rap Thread: MERGED

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Remastered and reissued a few weeks back. If you don't know about Company Flow, you better ask somebody.

Well I'm Eazy-E, I got bitches galore You may have a lot of bitches but I got much more Wit my super duper group coming out to shoot Eazy-E, muthafukas cold knocking the boots 'Cause I'm a hip

Tupac is dead...why is this relevant now? :yawn:

Blackout, are you white or black?

I'm whiter than light and Darker than night

i've got a few Facebook friends from this site, they know what's up.

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i got a friend from Brooklyn, she said if i walked down her block alone i'd get robbed

but if i walked with her I'd be fine.

Yeah, because black people are just itching to run up on some random white guy walking down the street. Us blacks are sooooo uncivilized and can't control ourselves. :rolleyes:

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