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AL roundup: Jeter homers, Pettitte delivers for Yankees


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Again with this? Try to keep up Barton.

Maybe you should explain yourself. You're a Mets fan, who hates chowds only when they root for the Pats, but then you're on their side rooting for the sawx during baseball season because you hate the Yankees?

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Yea cuz i'm being so serious when I say that. whoosh something just went over ya head.

btw, a-b convo, c your way out - thanks.

Barton-Mere words typed on a web page do not connote a tone of sarcasm.

You may have meant it to be sarcastic, but that does not mean it is implied.

Otherwise, you just come off as one of the doushies that says 26 because they can. Welcome to that club.

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