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Boland Practice Report Today


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With E-Boland's comprehensive blog reports detailing every nuance of practice, so today is the tough transition back to reality. Boland begrudgingly took a day off, and even Mangini inquired as to his whereabouts. He must've thought Erik took his advice and found a date, but since I just got off the phone with Erik and he was parked on his futon, I'm guessing that's not the case Anyways, while even if I tried to mimic Erik's play-by-play rundowns (which I probably couldn't), today was the first installment of a very truncated practice viewing. Reporters were allowed to watch about 20 minutes of the team workout today, which consisted largely of stretching, footwork drills, and special teams, so nothing too exciting. Baker and Franks both made a couple nice grabs on 15-yard out routes, and I kid you not, Favre was dropping back into coverage on receivers for a couple practice reps...no need for a heart attack, he was just being playful and talking to some guys after their routes...he didn't pull a hammy or intercept any long balls

On a more serious note, Gene Upshaw was one of the main topics of conversation today in the locker room. Most players were shocked upon hearing the news and had no idea Upshaw was ill. Here are a couple of reax from the players:

FB Tony Richardson, NFLPA Exec Committee-

People are still in shock. We haven't had a chance to speak to anyone from the league yet or our union office. We're definitely going to miss Gene because he was a tremendous leader for our organization.

Hopefully, everyone in this locker room recognizes that they're a lot better for having Gene as their leader. He did so much. Every guy in this locker room can say they benefited from his leadership.

Brandon Moore, Jets NFLPA player rep-

His services to the leage won't be questioned. I think he'll be remembered as a guy that had the best interest of the players and took a stand and started out when there wasn't a lot of people in favor of that transition. He'll be remembered greatly by the players in the NFL.

Damien Woody, OL-

First and foremost, he was a Hall of Fame player, that

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