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Which do you think is the best team in my league?


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The rules are standard except 6 pt for passing TD's. Start: QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRS, 1 Flex (WR/RB), TE, K, DF

Team 1

RB: Tomlinson, E. Graham, Ricky Williams, De'Angelo Williams, Ahman Green

WR: Colston, Calvin Johnson, B. Marshall, Reggie Williams, Ted Ginn

QB: McNabb, Bulger

TE: T. Scheffler

Team 2

RB: Westbrook, Bush, F. Taylor, Deuce, Norwood

WR: Fitzgerald, Harrison, Stallworth, Desean Jackson, Jerry Porter

QB: Palmer, Delhomme

TE: Shockey

Team 3

RB: Addai, Forte, Kevin Smith, L. Washington, Pierre Thomas

WR: Andre Johnson, Holt, Chad Johnson, K. Curtis, K. Walter

QB: Derek Anderson, Matt Leinhart

TE: Chris Cooley, LJ Smith

Team 4

RB: Peterson, Mendenhall, LenDale White, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Brandon Jackson

WR: B. Edwards, Houshmandzadeh, Gaffney, Hardy

QB: E. Manning, M. Schaub

TE: B. Utecht, B. Watson

Team 5

RB: Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones, Andre Hall, Ahmad Bradshaw, Chris Brown

WR: R. Wayne, R. Brown, D. Driver, D. Bowe, DJ Hackett, Randle El,

QB: Brady, Tarvarias Jackson

TE: T. Gonzalez

Team 6

RB: Steven Jackson, McGahee, T. Bell, TJ Duckett

WR: Smith, Cotchery, A. Gonzalez, Chambers, Engram

QB: Roethlisberger, V. Young, J. Russell

TE: Crumpler, Keller

Team 7

RB: Lynch, Selvin Young, Julius Jones, L. Jordan

WR: Boldin, Ward, Walker, Toomer, A. Battle, Mark Clayton

QB: T. Romo, Kitna

TE: Clark, Donald Lee

Team 8

RB: R. Grant, W. Parker, E. James, R. Johnson

WR: Welker, S. Moss, D. Mason, Reggie Brown, S. Rice

QB: P. Manning, P. Rivers, T. Edwards

TE: A. Gates, T. Heap

Team 9

RB: M. Barber, B. Jacobs, J. Stewart, J. Fargas, D. Ward

WR: T. Owens, S. Holmes, R. White, P. Crayton, V. Jackson, R. Curry

QB: Hasselbeck, Garrard

TE: Daniels

Team 10

RB: Portis, Jones-Drew, McFadden, Betts

WR: Roy Williams, Evans, Berrian, Hester

QB: J. Campbell, Garcia

TE: Winslow, Davis

Team 11

RB: Gore, Turner, C. Taylor, K. Jones, Foster

WR: Burress, Coles, Galloway, Chris Perry, Chris Henry, S. Smith (NYG)

QB: Brees, Rodgers

TE: Witten

Team 12

RB: Larry Johnson, Maroney, Felix Jones, K Watson

WR: R. Moss, G. Jennings, Burleson, I. Bruce, Obomanu

QB: Cutler, Favre, Pennington (The only time these 2 will be on the same team)

TE: Miller, Boss

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IMO team 3 has the best RB corp. Addai, Forte, and Smith are all 20+ touch backs.

Derek Anderson has plenty of weapons to play with, and so does Leinart. The WR's are all #1 WRs on pass heavy offenses. And Cooley as we all know is a top 5 TE. If i was a betting man team 3 wins the league...on paper of curse IMO

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I like team 3 but I really like team 9. 3 excelent RB, 3 excelent WR and Hassleback IMO is very underrated and Garrard has the potential to have a very good season. The wild card is going to be Stewart. If he becomes the every down back that everyone expects him to become IMO team 9 is the team to beat.

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Just to let you guys know, I happen to be Team 3. So I'm relatively happy with my squad but there are some question marks. Also I didn't hear about the K. Curtis injury or else I wouldn't have drafted him. I'm gonna try and snag Justin Gage or James Jones.

Another other criticisms or comments otherwise?

BTW, I listed the teams in their draft order, so yes, I took Addai over Peterson.

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