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Overlooked Muzak


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So I'm a huge music fan, most, if not all of my days are spent involved with music in some way. Whether listening to or playing. Now I'll be the first to admit my tastes are pretty much everywhere, but there a few bands I'm fond of that in my opinion deserve far more recognition.

The first and most obvious: Clutch

each album they seem to evolve their sound while still maintaining their style. Solid lyrics thanks to Neil Fallon, groovy guitar work by one of my biggest influences, Tim Sult, followed up with one of the most underrated drummers, Mister Jean Paul Gaster. I could keep going but for the sake of space I'll leave it at, check this band out!

Secondly, Ram Jam

This band is more than Black Betty people!!! Bill Bartlett's guitar work is a thing of beauty Groovy as hell, good vocal work, just nice overall flow. This band is tragically underrated in my opinion.

Third and finally: Faith No More/Mr Bungle

People say Nirvana started it all, I point to Faith No More. You would not have a lot of bands were it not for the genius of Mike Patton, add in Mike Bordin on drums and you've got a tasty mix. The guitar work is nothing overly special, but it gets the job done. Mr Bungle, for all you need to to know, listen to My Ass Is On Fire, you'll get it.

That's what I think, let's hear your take on underrated bands!

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