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Charlie Rosen

August 25, 2008, 4:38 PM EST

It may have ended with redemption, but more than anything else, Team USA's 118-107 victory over Spain resembled a Phoenix Suns intra-squad game.

Miserable defense inside, outside and on the weak side.

But seeing as how the Americans found themselves standing on the highest part of the podium after settling for back-to-back bronzes in the last two major international competitions, we'll overlook the harder-than-expected time the U.S. had with Spain.

Instead, we'll focus on the 12 men who returned the "dream" to the "team" and hand out grades for the entire Olympic competition.

KOBE BRYANT: Sure, he forced some shots early on and he gambled too much on defense, but his several ultra-clutch plays in the fourth quarter of the gold-medal game reinforced his standing as the very best player in the world.

GRADE: A-plus

DWYANE WADE: Another hero of the gold-medal game. His hustle, power drives, and shot-making signal that he's returned to his super-star status.

GRADE: A-plus

LEBRON JAMES: Did a lot of everything

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I'm not even into basketball, and I know better.

Dream Team 1992 > Wannabe Dream Team 2008. There is no debate here.

1992 USA Olympic Basketball squad:

Charles Barkley

Larry Bird

Clyde Drexler

Patrick Ewing

Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan

Christian Laettner

Karl Malone

Chris Mullin

Scottie Pippen

David Robinson

John Stockton

Apart from Laettner that team was phenomenal.

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soft??? soft?????

in Fiba rules Howard is less value i'll give ya that

1992 Dream Team:

PG Magic Johnson...John Stockton (who had a broken leg that year)

SG Michael Jordan...Clyde Drexler

SF Larry Bird...Scottie Pippen

PF Charles Barkley...Karl Malone

C Patrick Ewing...David Robinson

and Mullin and the Dookey, both are 3rd stringers at forward


2008 Redeem Team:

PG Chris Paul...Deron Williams...Jason Kidd

SG Kobe Bryant...Dwyane Wade...Michael Redd

SF Carmelo Anthony...Tayshaun Prince

PF Lebron James...Carlos Boozer

C Dwight Howard...Chris Bosh

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Howard give up 30?

Howard doesn't play soft defense. Watch some Magic games before you talk about something you know nothing of.

Howard was non-existent in the Olympics...the guy is 22 years old. Nobody here at 22 years old would have their nerves running wild with the opportunity to represent you're country in the most talked about olympic sport?

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