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Eagles Cut 8 After Jets Game


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Eight moves down and 14 more to go. Waived are the following players: wide receiver Bam Childress, cornerbacks Therrian Fontenot and Nick Graham, wide receiver Jamal Jones, safety Marcus Paschal, offensive lineman Stefan Rodgers and lineabacker Pago Togafau. Running back Ryan Moats was waived/injured. That leaves 67 players on the active roster.

Any surprises from the first wave? No, but there are disappointments. Moats leads the way in that department. He was so promising as a rookie when Brian Westbrook was injured and Moats showed a suddeness and an excitement and he seemed sure to be a player who would continue to get better and better. But Moats had trouble learning the scheme, then he had some injury woes and when he played this summer he was indecisive as a running back. Moats is a great, great young man. He deserves to get healthy and find a job in a one-cut system where he can just get the ball and go.

Graham seemed to have a good line on a roster spot here early in the off-season. He was on the active roster all of last season and the expectation was that Graham would make a run for some playing time. But it didn't happen. Graham never stepped up to claim a fifth cornerback job.

Fontenot did some good things and made a lot of improvement in his time as an Eagle. Still, it wasn't enough to secure a job on the 53-man roster.

The waiving of Togafau pretty much cements, in my eyes, a roster spot for rookie Joe Mays. Mays had clearly distanced himself in the battle for the backup middle linebacker job.

Will there be any more moves today? Maybe not. The Eagles are providing no public update on the health of Max Jean-Gilles, and everyone is still in suspense over some of the roster battles. The news isn't, apparently, going to come out until Saturday.

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