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Jets Best Ever


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Following is a poll on SportsNation (ESPN). Gastineau #2? Over Klecko?

1) Who is the greatest player in Jets history?

57.4%Joe Namath, QB (1965-1976):

Famous guarantee in Super Bowl III came true with win over Colts.

19.8%Mark Gastineau, DE (1979-1988):

Second all time for single-season sacks with 22 in 1984.

17.0%Curtis Martin, RB (1995-2005):

Ranks fourth all time with 14,101 rushing yards.

1.9%Don Maynard, WR (1960-1972):

Ninth all time with 88 TD receptions.

1.4%Wayne Chrebet, WR (1995-2005):

Second all time in Jets receiving yards.

1.0%Joe Klecko, DT (1977-1987):

Four-time Pro Bowler was key part of "New York Sack Exchange" line.

0.7%Kevin Mawae, OL (1998-2005):

Six-time Pro Bowl center anchored offesnive line.

0.3%Ken O'Brien, QB (1984-1992):

Two-time Pro Bowler led NFL in passer rating in 1985.

0.3%Wesley Walker, WR (1977-1989):

Led NFL in receiving yards in 1978 with 1,169.

0.2%Mo Lewis, LB (1991-2003):

Three-time Pro Bowler ranks second on Jets' all-time tackles list.

Total Votes: 59,518

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