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Marino, Young go into Canton today

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As much as us Jets fans hated Marino for everything he did against us you have to respect the guy and be happy for him that he got into the hall. Young I am even happier to see get in because of his accomplishments. The first lefty to get in as well at the QB position. All-time leader in passer-rating with a 96.8 I believe, amazing. Good for Steve, good for Dan and also good for Fritz Pollard (first black head coach) and Benny Freidman (lead the NFL in rushing and throwing TD's in 1928)

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Kudo's to Danny. I still say he shoulda come home to Pittsburgh and finished his career when Cowher came a callin'. Hell, he just might have gotten to win a ring, at least we had a D. :wink:

I'll always admire and respect him as the guy with the quickest release EVER. =D>

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Marino is as good as anyone in history. A first ballot no brainer selection if ever there was one.

My hatred of him as a player is the ultimate form of an opposing fan's respect.

He and Larry Bird wrecked my sports life in the 80's. Hated 'em both for their greatness.

Ken O'Brien or Dan Marino? U-g-h Ugh Ugh Ugh.

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