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Interesting trade I got offered


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That is an interesting trade...

It really depends on a few things...If your league gives return yardage points to players, I am in one league where i get punt return yardage so I started Royal Last week :D, but Brandon Marshall is coming back this week, and It is yet to be seen how Shanahan will use both WR's and as far as Kevin Smith

RB Johnson Could Play Bigger Role In Week 2

Ted Kulfan, Detroit News - [Full Article]

With another week of practice to become more familiar with the Detroit Lions offense, RB Rudi Johnson is expected to play a larger role this week against the Green Bay Packers. "He had a good week this week, so we're encouraged that we'll be able to use him more and more," HC Rod Marinelli said.

It also depends on who your other RB's are, do you still have enough RB's to be able to sit Smith when he has a bad matchup?

Jacobs is a stud and will always get you consistenet points. Maybe not a ton of points week in and week out. but you know he's good for at least 85 yards and most likely a TD. I wouldn't do it.

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