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So the football forum is unbearable, what's going on in here?


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Should it be unbeatable or unreadable?

Hey also you might want to rethink your custom title in light of the new avatar. Just doesn't seem right as a combo. I'm just saying.

Unbearable, silly!

As for the title, I thought about it until he pooped all over me (literally), so now just look at it as if he is saying it haha!

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I actually stopped looking at the football forum last evening because it was getting morbid. How did the Jam Band thing go? I voted at least three times each day, sometimes more. BTW, your son has grown so much. He is very adorable. Love the Jet onesie.

Continued good luck to you all.

It's supposed to close up today I think. We are way ahead. Andrew has grown over 5 pounds in less than 9 weeks. He's getting huge!! The Jets onesie was great, although they only sell Pennington onesie's so I told the photographer not to get the number or name in the picture haha.

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