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Im sitting at the Newark Airport waiting for my plane to go home. Waiting is boring, then you get packed into a tin can like sardines!!! Of course there will be some turbulence all the way back to Seattle, just so I can be nervous.

I have to do this crap again over the weekend too!!!!!! Flying sucks

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A horrific, fiery fuselage, perhaps? Just kidding. Have a safe flight home. I am the worst flier possible. I start sweating the flight weeks before. In the old days, I would take 7 AM flights and get two bottles of vodka with OJ as I entered the plane. After that, it was a refill every 20 minutes or so. No joke.

Same here. I know the AC is on here, but im sweating like crazy. After takeoff, I usually can relax, but for now.....

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I never minded flying since the destination was almost always a vacation spot. I like to people-watch and am easily distracted when there are tons of people around, but when it comes to the airport I have to zone out and just focus on the purpose because every friggin person in an airport pisses me off.

The actual flying part is OK. But I'll never forget flying back from L.A. alone on a business trip. Had turbulence for hours and hours and that plane was bopping around in the sky like a kite. Another time heading to Puerto Rico with my girlfriend, we had a 9PM flight but didn't depart until 2AM. The storms were passing and when we boarded the pilot announced he had to get above the cloud line quickly and it would be extreme. He wasn't ****ing kidding. I don't think a plane that size is supposed to go vertical!!!

I haven't been on a plane or had a vacation in forever. Boo for me.


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