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The battle for Upstate New York ( article by Timbok )

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The Battle for upstate New York :

Living in Upstate New York is not an easy task, the winter is rougher, the money is tighter, and getting sports gear for my beloved New York Jets is harder. I live in New York Jets/Buffalo Bills territory, I know zero Giant fans - in fact I know more Cowboy fans in the area I live in, and I have seen a wood work of Jet fans come out of hiding this season, "if you trade for him, they will come" , but the local merchants have not picked up on this.

As wherever I go, all I see is "Giants this, Giants that, Giants chairs, Giants little kid bikes, Giants blah,blah,blah ENOUGH!", even in the newspapers when the Jets & G-men play on the same day, the headline on the back of the NY Post is :

(90% of page)

Giants win again, 3-0 now.

(10% of page)

Jets head to San Diego, hopes low.

Being a Jets fan is tough, but being a Buffalo Bills fan - you know the team that is 3-0 and leading the AFC East has to be tougher, as they get no respect by anybody in the New York ( entire state ) sports media, and they have the fact on their head constantly ( we might be moved to Toronto at any minute.... ).

So my final thoughts are :

Being a Giants fan is like being one of the Kings men in New York, being a Bills fan is like being one of the politicians family in New York, being a Jets fan is like being either a servant or a slave who works 20 hours a day in New York.

Go Jets!

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