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40 straight years?

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Authors note : I am a proud Jets fan, who is at the edge of a nervous breakdown like the rest of Jets Nation, and I am praying like heck the Jets win this week - or I will drive down to New Jersey and shoot Eric Mangini.

40 straight years? :

With the New York Jets 48-29 loss on Monday Night football against the San Diego Chargers, the Jets now fall to a grim 1-2 standing - with the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals on tap for this upcoming weekend, which can simple be categorized as :

"The battle of the 37+ quarterbacks = Brett Farve 38 turning 39,Kurt Warner 37 turned 38 next summer.".

But the questions that remains, is :

Are the Jets on the verge of their 40Th straight season since 1968 of failing to reach the Super Bowl?

It just seems a team which has encountered great talent numerous times over the past four decades can continue to fail year after year after year.

What about the Lions? Browns? and Cardinals?

Lions -

The Detroit Lions last reached the championship game all the way back in 1954, but they have consistently sucked through-out all of these years, not reaching the playoffs and blowing it - and they have had only one good player, Barry Sanders.

Cardinals -

The Arizona Cardinals last reached the championship game in 1948, and as the Chicago Cardinals, like the Lions they have year after year just been a downright horrible team, plagued to constant failure, but the tide might be changing for the Cardinals this season.

Browns -

(Note : I do not count the NFL championship ship games between 1966-1970 as the overall championship was the super bowl )

The Cleveland Browns last reached the championship game in 1965, they have reached the playoffs every once in a while, but for the most part have been suffering, like this year - good prediction for season, 0-3 entering week 4.

The Jets have 13 games left this season, 4 against AFC East foes, 3 against AFC West teams, 4 against NFC West teams, and a single game against the the Cincinnati Bengals & Tennessee Titans.

They need to move it, or lose it.


the pathetic Jets fan - who will never switch teams, even though all of my family is questioning why I don't.

Semper Fidelis = Jet fans.

Always faithful.


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I am with you. 40 years of this has hardened me, but the Favre acquisition added some juice, so I picked up 2 fix and introduced my 10 YO son to the NFL. After enduring a game where Favre looked like all of his 40 years and the only guy laying it out there was Leon Washington, plus a world of abuse from a surprisingly classless group of Charger fans, I feel guilty for sentencing my son to Jet fan doom. The play calling was horrendous. The defense was invisible. Very disappointing. And, yes, same old Jets.

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