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Put SD Behind Us: Focus on upcoming schedule.

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Here is the rest of the schedule:

Arizona (very winnable and I think we will)


Cincy (two weeks to prepare for. shouldn't be a worry)

@Oakland (win)

KC (win)

@Buffalo (this could go either way. let's say loss)

St. Louis (win)

@NE (i think we can win this one)

How would it feel to be 7-3 at this point?

Season is far from over my friends.

Let's put SD behind us and move on.

Curious also as to what you might think we will do over this stretch?? Predictions??

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Arizona - This will be a great game, if damn Magini lets Farve throw the friggin ball down the field = A SHOOTOUT in the Jets favor.

Bengals - No problemo.

Oakland - No problemo.

KC - No problemo.

Buffalo - Another very good game, we will be in Buffalo so loss.

Rams - The Rams should just forfeit now.

Patriots - if things continue to go the way they have, the first half score = 0-0. Jets win.

7-3 that would be a good record, very possible, but MANGINI HAS TO LET FARVE THROW THE DAMN BALL 30 YARDS DOWN THE FIELD EVERYTIME

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Very true.

Mangini let Farve throw, even Clemens throw when he was in there - they we're moving the ball and getting scoring chances, Mangini needs to let Farve do what Green Bay let Farve do =

THROW BALL DOWN FIELD, If you catch it = touchdown, if you drop it = just another in-completion do it again, If its intercepted - Its 50 yards down the field, just as good as a punt.

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If were 7-3 after newengland, I see us losing to the titans and the broncos back to back. then hopefully in the last 4 games we beat either buffalo, or seattle to be 10-6.

basically if we win the games we should, and upset one team we'll be 11-5.

I guess I don't understand the optimism. I have seen nothing from this team yet that gives me any impression of even 9 wins.

Arizona is no pushover. I don't think Oakland at home is either. Forget Buffalo and NE on the road. And after the way Cincy played the Giants this week, I wouldn't put that game in the 'given' column either.

KC and St. Louis are the only givens on that list.

Let's not forget that they have 2 trips to the West Coast in 3 weeks. That's never good.

Honestly, I think they'll be 4-6 after this stretch. I hope I'm wrong, but like I said, I haven't seen anything to make me believe they are anything close to a playoff team.

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