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What I hate When the Yanks are Losing


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Jeter is still a tremendous player.

But for about the last 2 months his main function seems to be to look at called strikes, argue with the umpire and vamp in the dugout for YES reaction shots. But at least he has evenings on the town with overrated Jorge, and you know, that's what matters. To hell with production from the catcher, who's not exactly Johhny Bench back there to begin with(and I think Jorge is married to a woman, which seperates him from Johnny, not that there';s anything wrong with Johnny, but I digress). Seriously-if they out Posada on waivers he'd get a Manny Ramirez-type reaction with that contract. And we had to keep him last year because Jeter would get all pouty otherwise.

Being polite-this has not been a good season for Jeter and it's csoting the Yanks.

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