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OT: question about a job


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Has anyone ever heard of this? There is this company who you are on call for, they are an asset protection agency. If another company is having a labor dispute, they activate you and your over there (anywhere in the United States) for an average of 3 months give or take some weeks.

They pay is pretty good cause they will pay perdiem, food, travel, and lodging....but I dont know if I can be away from my family for months at a time, its not healthy. ANyway, just wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of this stuff and if its safe.

PS...when your activated, you work seven days a week, 12 hour shifts, you get NO benefits because your on call, and your NOT armed, and it can be anywhere in the US.

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Vinny I used to work for a large wholesaler in the NY\NJ area. They ran a bunch of retail stores. Years ago the main union went on strike. Everyone from my company had to work in the stores (cashiers, clerks etc).

Anyhow I was selected to drive a van (filled with fellow scabs). I was assigned a "guard". Sounds a lot like what this job is. His job was to drive with us and walk with the people as they crossed the picket line.

Most of these guards were ex-military guys such as yourself. And...for the most part they all seemed crazy. They also LOVED to fight. I am telling you they caused a lot of problems when we crossed the picket lines. They were just looking for someone to start.

But they were nice and they took there job seriously. Really got the impression that these guys would defend you if all hell broke loose.

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