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Is there anything better than biscuits and gravy?

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...i was tryin to make a point,

never said takin a shot at ya ...jus tryin to make a point

I didn't delete your stuff bro. So there isn't much need to direct a point at me.

Let's just start over.

Welcome to JetNation.

Keep it clean and have some fun.

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Top Posters In This Topic

hey man .... no hard feelings ...lost the job today . and my gold fish died... its done with

Sorry about the fish. A big poster here has a sick puppy, so I feel your pain.

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:lol: Ouch.

That hurts fatcatxl,especially coming from the resident Cheerleader :roll:

Don't get your spankies in a bunch,im just kiddin :wink:

Bk...it's all jokes,have fun and don't curse...no nudity....have fun bro.

Ps..TomShane is the resident child molester.

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