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The Posting Machine That Is Irish Jet


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Ah yes, the monthly 'IJ post whore!' or 'IJ has no life!' thread.

Good to see we haven't missed a beat.

You post like crazy. Nothing wrong with that at all. At least you don't start useless threads and post in threads with one word like the king of post whores*.

*I think we all know who I'm talking about.

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You've actually been slowing down lately. is everything ok? \:D/

The main reason my post count is so high is that when I am online I tend to like post in every thread I see, rather than just lurk. I tend to go on some wild runs. For example there are two Laker threads, a 'Post Whore for vCash thread' and a Kris Jenkins thread that probably account to around 1/4 of my post count.:lol:

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Its a quiet weekend for me :). I'm just waiting for the 4 or 5 threads Blackout will start in the baseball forum if the Sox fall behind tonight.

i plan to continue the RSE thread, but I may not be infront of a 'puter for the game

pickin my boi up from work and may watch at his crib

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Supposedly he got a new job that prevented him from posting as much. Then again he does seem to pop up when the Jets lose (his new mantra is the coaching staff sucks).

I actually like the guy but his logic is seriously flawed.

he has a nice future as HC of the Jets

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LOL, this coming from you.

The picture you posted of yourself was stunning btw. The bald fat guy who had one too many steroid look suits you down to the ground.

Steroids? What picture. The one on JI. Fat, Steroids That be like beer without alcohol

I'm glad and honored you remember My picture and quite frankly freaked the **** out. I think our internet rivalry is officially over. Holy gayness Batman

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