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Posted: 4:00 am

October 19, 2008

The worldwide financial crisis didn't deter a Manhattan mortgage mogul from shelling out $400,000 for the most expensive football tickets on earth.

The fat-cat fanatic ponied up a record $200,000 a pop for two "personal seat licenses" - a one-time fee giving him the right to buy the two best Jets season tickets at the team's new Meadowlands stadium that opens in 2010, said a source who witnessed the sale.

He must now also fork over another $14,000 per year for his actual season tickets.

The press-shy exec outbid everyone during an "auction preview party" at The Four Seasons Thursday night hosted by team owner Woody Johnson and attended by 200 well-heeled guests, including Jet legends Joe Namath and Curtis Martin.

Official bidding begins today on the PSL licenses for the Jets' 2,000 much-hyped Coaches Club seats directly behind the team bench. But the team did put the two very best ones - front row, at the 50-yard line - on the block at the posh party with stunning results.

Most experts had predicted the top PSLs would command no more than $70,000.

The jaw-dropping price shattered the previous PSL record - the $150,000 the Dallas Cowboys commanded for the best seats in their new stadium.

Many longtime Jets season-ticket holders were shocked to learn how much green was spent on the seats - or that the seats were even up for sale so soon.

Art Kravetz , a Jets season-ticket holder since 1971, said it was downright scandalous for a select few to be allowed to bid on the best seats before the auction even kicked off.

Not that Kravetz plans to participate in today's auction. He's giving up his four 50-yard-line seats, 11 rows up from the sideline, to relocate to cheaper seats.

"The whole auction is a scam to screw the true fans who've supported this team in all its bad years in favor of large corporations with big wallets," he said.

Bidding on Coaches Club seats starts at $5,000 and runs today through Oct. 27 through an online auction at stubhub.com. Fans can even get financing from the team to pay off the fees over a span of five to 15 years.

Beside the PSL cost, tickets for the Coaches Club seats will go for $700 a game. The most expensive Jets tickets in the current stadium are priced at $115.

The new seats come with a separate entrance to the 82,500-seat stadium, a parking space, and a full spread of free food and non-alcoholic drinks at a posh restaurant.

But what may entice fans most is unprecedented team access - including the right to step out onto the field behind the Jets bench during games and attend postgame press conferences.

The Super Bowl Champion Giants, who will share the new stadium with the Jets, aren't auctioning seats. The team is selling its Coaches Club PSLs for a flat $20,000.


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Maybe PSLs could be the major reason for foreclosure all around the U.S.Many decided to buy season tickets with PSLs instead of paying their mortgages.

I never thought about that! Maybe you are correct! That amount of money is totally incredible! I just can not imagine anyone spending money like that on football tickets.

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But what may entice fans most is unprecedented team access - including the right to step out onto the field behind the Jets bench during games and attend postgame press conferences.

Anyone wanna guess how long it takes for the Jets to realize what a terrible idea this is, and cans it.

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