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Week 7 Report Card

lawngnome o-line

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Sure you can..

when lawngnome is doing the grading...

Bro this is the last time I am going to say this. You can disagree with the grades all you want. You can argue football points all day and night. We encourage discussion.

But there is no reason to blast Brian personally. That is unacceptable.

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Ok I am still a bit bitter about this game so I could be off.

1) As bad as Favre played he was getting the hell beat out of him back there as the pocket was constantly collapsing. And then rip his 4th quarter performance and if he will ever do it again?

2) The offensive was good run blocking against a horrible run defense but they were PATHETIC in pass protection

3) If the tight end starts out hot and then does nothing the rest of the game including falling on a huge play is that not a problem?

4) The wrs had problems getting separation from two quality corners and the play calling did nothing to help them.

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