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Panties in a bunch? Seriously?


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Old School JN Regulars, please give this new crowd some time. It won't be long before the dust settles, and they will be assimilated. There were crappy posters here (me, especially) before they arrived and there will be crappy posters here (me, especially) in 6 months.

Let's be good hosts, and stop giving them so much crap.

Also, if anyone calls greengal a hag, I will shove a pineapple up your nostril.

I agree 100% with the fag


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This will all be over with next week. JN members feel like the JI people have to earn there respect. JI members don't really give a damn. In a week, it will be about the Jets again.

I just hope its a victory.

I hate to have to bitch and complain about Mangini next week as the season is on the brink.

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