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Sean McDermott for new DC


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What you guys think.. i cant remeber if the Eagles runs a 3-4 0r 4-3 but i think he could adapt.

Sean McDermott

Secondary Coach

One of the brightest, young defensive minds in the league, Sean McDermott enters his 10th season in Philadelphia. McDermott was named secondary coach on January 28, 2008, after a successful one-year stint as linebackers coach last season.

"I don't think there are a lot of secondary coaches that are as good as Sean McDermott," Eagles head coach Andy Reid said. "He was a phenomenal linebackers coach and, really, his versatility I just think is second to none."

The linebacking group flourished under McDermott in 2007 as two youngsters

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I'm gonna say that if you don't know whether the Eagles run a 34 or a 43, and they've been running the same system for years and years, please do not waste time throwing out suggestions for DCs.

hmmmm i guess the better question is to ask if I follow the eagles... but i guess the suggestion made no sense.

thanks for the great info....

BTW i did a google search for hot assistants and i got the names....... :confused:

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i wouldn't mind someone from the philly staff as dc, they have to be better than this pansy read an react crap the jets run.

for ****'s sake they spent a fortune on D, blitz the damn QB into a grave

Were you complaining about it when Tuna & Belichick were here? They did the same thing. Jets didn't have much pressure those years and they weren't exactly dominant in the yards allowed category. Where they were good is points allowed. Bend, but don't break. Not my personal preference either, but the system works. Particularly when you have the right players and I think they are pretty close now.

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