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The Day-Crew Thread


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So just to clarify, when sitting around, not working at the office, I should post in here.

But when I get home and am sitting around doing nothing, I should post in the LNC.

Where should I post while I poo?

The North Carolina Poopie Humor Thread.

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When I post at 4am should it be in here or in the late nite thread? Just wondering, it's all getting hard to figure out.

Nite crew!

Smizzy says Night crew because there is no Morning Crew thread. If it was, your 4 AM post would fit there.

The reason why it fits in the LNC thread is that 4 AM is closer "night" (night ends at 3:59 AM) than "day" which starts at 8 AM.

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What does your heart tell you? Follow it to which ever thread you feel better suits you

Is there a dress code in either thread?

I think when I'm in my underwear I'll post in the night thread, when wearing smart chinos, this one..

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