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Nick Ferraro

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Last Week: 0-1-1

Season: 9-8-2

Chargers -3 vs. Saints

The Saints face the Chargers without Reggie Bush in the lineup and with the cloud of failed drug tests hanging over them. The Chargers will push the Saints all over the field.

Chargers 27 Saints 13

Lions +8 vs. Redskins

Yes, I'm picking the Lions. They have to play well at some point. I think it's going to be this week. The Skins are banged up and never blow anyone out. This line is too big.

Lions 19 Redskins 17

Jets -14 vs. Chiefs

The Jets have to be seething over their play last week in Oakland. This is a must-win against the worst team in the league playing with backups at quarterback and running back. The Jets should throw a bagel at the punchless Chiefs.

Jets 31 Chiefs 0

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Thanks Nick. I think the Jets are risky with 14. They are banged up at WR. I don't see any way the Jets losing. I just think it will either be by 30 or by 10. That 14 line scares me a bit depending on what the WRs do.

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