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Vote or Die. (Neg Rep)


Should Negative rep be brought back?  

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  1. 1. Should Negative rep be brought back?

    • Yes. We have rights damn it!
    • No. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

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We should close it now while my side is ahead.

I wish the Jets could do that.

Should I lock it and the make an arrogant post that it's never coming back? and then ramble on about how many hits this site gets and how it's heavily trafficked? :wild:

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The old system we had was fine, but Max decided that it wasn't good enough. The proposals he gave all sucked, so we were better off having no negative rep. Max's idea was to just have anonymous rep. This is a retarded system that lets people hide while giving out neg rep, if you're going to give neg rep you should at least be forced to man up and take responsibility for it. Instead what happened was a bunch of pussies would give negative rep, and then CRY when they got negged back or were insulted in a thread over it. That is why the system was scrapped. Not the people getting the neg rep in the first place, but the people who couldn't handle what they were dishing out.

I had a few negs, pretty much all from posters that had less than 100 posts. Then they'd have the nerve to PM me after I negged them back and cry about it. Telling me I am immature, when their negs were because I disagreed with them about something. I have no doubts that they also PMed the mods to whine about me.

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I don't generally neg rep people, but if someone who really posts crap deserves it, they should get it, especially when that person happily hides behind their ability to neg rep people, knowing they can't reciprocate their feelings toward their posts.

Right Jets Bosox fan*?

(*Names have been changed to protect the retarded schizophrenics)

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Just exclude the people who abuse the system or cry about getting neg repped. No need to compromise the majority because of a few maniacs. Shouldn't be too hard or time consuming.

Do you have any idea how time consuming it is to run a website of this magnitude? It's overwhelming. Why do you think we won't change your User Names? We don't have time for that.

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