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HAHAHAHA! I finally have my own smiley!


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No, I'm just asking why the hell you have a smiley.

I asked for this one :bp1: and I just noticed how it's spelled. it's not really mine per say. but this is the lounge and a thought popped in my head and I felt like sharing it. is that ok Perry Mason? :P

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yeah but your name is not bp1

Very good. you're absolutely brilliant. :spock:

What's with the red letters, are you channeling Hammer tonight?

I was being sarcastic, and it obviously went whizzing right over your head. :Nuts:

Butt Plug?


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bp how does that smilee work:bp1:

have fun tomorrow...better guard the Kingsley close tomorrow

Bronzy may plan a sneak attack

We have an all star cast coming tomorrow. Bronzey, and my special guests sitting with me, Drago and Panzer. two out of state posters.

One day King Turd (SJ) will ascend up to NJ to see a game from what I hear.

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