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****The Official Jets Game Thread****


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1. this bench Favre stuff is nonsense. He's the leading int thrower ever. we f%$king knew that. He gives 40 td's and 30 int's it sucks but that's that.

2. The Rat is not coming if you guys get your wish of a Favre injury(retarded) or benching him. It's Clemens, that would make Favre look like having Manning. Please.

Favre experiment is ALL year. No playoffs, then the rat can prove he's real, and compete with Favre and the drsft pick, Clemens will be gone.

But this Rat talk is pie in the sky, he WILL not replace Favre, not until next year.

or Favre can throw 4 td's in second half and everyone will be on his tip again. LOL

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THE RAT gave more of a showing and reason for hope than Clemens would ever give.

Your boy couldn't even beat out Pennington for the starting job, and you expect him to give "life" to this team?

woah.. he's not my boy. I simply find him to be the best option on the bench

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