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Greetings from Costa Rica....now what the hell happened today?


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We almost lost to Herm?

Oh no:eek:

14-14 at halftime. We scored easy early, and then missed a FG from 36 that would have made it 10-0. Then Favre proceeded to think he played for the Red and White. 2 1st half picks, and a last minute drive (when we had them hung up on 3rd and long on their 25 or so with 1:30 left and the draw netted 40) tied it at 14.

They scored early in the 2nd half to make it 17-14. Jones scores to make it 21-17, and then we're driving to put the game away with 7 minutes to go. Favre, from their 15 threw a pick 6. 24-21 them. We get the ball, punt. Herm does his typical 3 runs and nothing and we get the rock back with 3 or so to go. Favre leads us down and hits Coles with 1 minute to go and we win.

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