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The Jets' starting RB next season...


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His name is LeSean McCoy and he is an absolute stud. While he lacks ideal size, he has amazing vision, great at making cuts and keeping his speed. If he can keep from getting in trouble the kid is gonna be the real deal. I would absolutely love the jets to get a player like McCoy; he honestly reminds me of a better vision, in between the tackles reggie bush.

As much as i love tyson jackson, i do think the jets should address a big play threat on offense via WR or RB. Obviously Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, percy harvin are all standouts...But i think Heyward-bey could fit us perfectly. As for RB, i love McCoy, Moreno reminds me of cadillac and even charles scott.

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We absolutely need a big-play threat on offense and we lucked out because there are a ton coming out at the RB and WR position.

Problem is, while we'll probably have our first round pick, we don't have many more.

Basically, we'll have one true time thru the draft to address our biggest weakness. I don't really see a weakness on defense, we just need quality depth, though I'd like to see Eric Smith replaced whether it be by Elam, Carroll, or a FA/draft pick. We could use a backup NT to spell Jenkins, backup DE because Ellis is getting up there and Coleman is average, maybe a dime CB because I hate Drew Coleman, and a young ILB to replace possibly replace Barton and because Cody Spencer should be forced to walk to Buffalo after that muffed punt.

Offense we got QB obviously because Clemens doesn't look like starting material, Ratliff because he's unproven. RB because TJ has no playmaking or game changing ability and Leon's not an every down back, WR, which is our weakest in my opinion, needs an eventual replacement for Coles as he's one major concussion away from being forced to retire, and because we don't have a speedy, tall, playmaking WR ala Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson etc. I think if we had one, our record would be 5-2 and possibly 6-1 and Favre wouldn't have half the INT's as he does. We also need more o-line depth.

Sorry for the rant.

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We need to really blow out someone so we can see Ratliff in some regular season action. That's the other thing with always scraping out a win against the crappiest teams in the league, you can never see what you have in your backups.

While I do believe in stockpiling QBs until you get a good one, I don't think we should right off Ratliff. I like what I've seen from him in preseason and I'm hoping it can translate over into real games as well. I mean with KC honestly I don't think most of us ever had any confidence in him whatsoever.

Although, I suppose I'd be remiss in not mentioning Drew Brees, who's also a short, for QB standards, QB, and had a rocky start to his career. It is theoretically possible KC figures things out, although whereas I had always thought highly of Brees, even while he was in Purdue, I thought nothing of KC even when I saw some footage from him in college.

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