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Parity; the NFL; the Jets; money

Kentucky Jet

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The NFL has no truly dominant teams. The Giants are the closest to it presently. Pete Roselle wanted parity and we got it. The fun part is that in DEC many teams will have similar records. Do you remember the time when the Central division of the NFC had 3 teams fighting for a playoff spot and two made it, one with an 8 and 8 record. This is the way of life in the NFL. PARITY breeds mediocrity. Yet when so many teams are fighting for a playoff spot and are in real contention for it in late December, everyone wins! The NFL gets exposure. The teams sell more beer and dogs! Its all about parity and money in the NFL today. It is the most successful and popular league in existence. It does not make me happy to see a game like the one v KC and last week. I want the Jets to dominate weaker teams! If a decent teamcan not dominate or look good in beating weaker teams, they are really a nothing. I am sick of our HC and his bunch of merry mailmen! They display no FIRE or AGGRESSIVENESS. They all have adopted MANGREENI's stoic look and flat demeanor! This is a tough sport played by tough men. Fire and aggression must be part of the equation. MANGREENI has the team acting like the ROCKETTES during a fire drill! I refuse to let it get to me anymore. They make tons of money while we fans pay for football through the nose. I am totally disgusted with MANGREENI and stiffs err staff.

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