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Joe Namath has questions about the Jets offense

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Like Rest of Us, Joe Namath Has Questions About Jets Offense

Posted Oct 27th 2008 2:00PM by Ryan Wilson (author feed)

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The Jets offense is not very good. Sure, they hung 56 points on the Cardinals earlier this year, but in back-to-back weeks, they have lost to the Raiders and should've lost to the Chiefs.

Brett Favre -- the sensitive, emotional, loving father and husband, not the vindictive, hateful monster created by the media (hi, Sal Paolantonio!) -- has been especially atrocious, heaving a league-leading 11 interceptions (a league, by the way, that includes J.T. O'SmellingSalts), and playing about like you might expect a 39-year-old would after sorta coming out of retirement on three different occasions.

Things were so bad yesterday that Jets fans booed Favre, which, if we're being honest, was about a month overdue. Even the famous supporters got in on the act.

From today's New York Daily News:

"I know they are trying, but today they are making Kansas City look good ... A quarterback is gonna get hit, no doubt about that, but the accumulation of the bumps and bruises must have (Brett Favre) at the most fragile as at any point in his career."

That, ladies and gentlemen, was Joe Namath, who made those observations during yesterday's telecast. And Don Maynard, Namath's favorite receiver some 40 years ago, had this to say prior to the game:

"You have 106 coaches in the NFC that's never played pro ball, you got 126 in the AFC that's never played pro ball," Maynard said. "You got 64 coaches that never played college football, so now you know why the knowledge of pro football has gone downhill. They don't even do what we did in offenses and defenses."

Hey, wait a second, is Maynard a FanHouse commenter? Because I hear that argument, oh, I don't know, a hundred times a week, on average. Whatever, Maynard's not the only person concerned about the state of conservative play-calling in the NFL.

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