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happy birthday jets babe!


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thanks guys! turning 20 is pretty lame. you're just older and you still can't drink. oh well.

Plus you are 4 years away from being able to rent a car, that is when the real fun starts.

I think the bigger question is why is a 20 year old awake at 8am? Hey I don't want to judge but 10am should be considered early for you.

Happy Birthday! :-P

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Do you think that stops college kids from drinking?, last i checked my daughter's fake ID was a chick from Denver Colorodo..i am told most have fake IDs....she just turned 21 so her's is for sale

currently i'm smart about it. i use my friends id. it's alot better to use a real id because they actually "swipe" now. so for the year my name is patty lopez at bars! yes!

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Happy birthday, young lady.

You think that's bad? My sister turned 18, was legal to drink. When she was 19, they changed the drinking age, and she had to wait until she was 21 again. She was pissed.

Your sister must be the same age as my sister. She got the same deal. I'm older. I was ahead of the age changes,

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