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happy birthday jets babe!


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Abobo is my favorite character ever on the internet. There was a picture of abobo and a hat and sunglasses with a girl on the beach that I still laugh just thinking about.

Why think about it when you can actually see it here at JetNation? :lol:


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hey guys..just wanted to bump this to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. haven't been on in a couple of days. had to celebrate my 20th with a big bang. :D

thanks again!

You caused quite a stir on both boards even in yer absence. good for you & hope you've been enjouin yourself.

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I thought about an AKF response, but ultimately decided to let it go.... I'm glad you stepped up instead.


As far as I'm concerned an AKF response is appropriate in just about any situation. I can never get enough of the little devil...

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