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Culpepper visiting Lions


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Posted by Mike Florio on October 28, 2008, 10:00 a.m.

Unretired quarterback Daunte Culpepper is visiting the Detroit Lions, according to Tom Kowalski of Mlive.com.

Though most teams typically hold “Gong Show” workouts on Tuesdays, and while the Lions have sniffed around a slew of players with recognizable names this year, Culpepper’s decision to rebuff the interest of other teams (including the Chiefs) because he was/is in discussions with what he called a “better fit” makes it reasonable to conclude that the Lions are the team to which he was referring.

Detroit is one of the few places where Culpepper would have a chance to play in 2008 (if, that is, he can find a way to throw the ball through those tricky Ford Field winds). The current starter is Dan Orlovsky, and second-year pro Drew Stanton is developing sufficiently slowly to be in real danger of falling behind Drew Henson — if that hasn’t already happened.

[Editor’s note: A media source tells us that Stanton remains the No. 2 quarterback behind Orlovsky. Apparently, there was a report in one of the Detroit papers a couple of weeks back that erroneously suggested Henson had leapfrogged Stanton.]

But to the extent the Culpepper is looking for an opportunity for 2009, the Lions might not be the ideal choice. With coach Rod Marinelli most likely gone after the season (if not sooner) and the front office possibly being cleaned out, Culpepper would have to hope that the new regime wants to keep him around.

Then again, Culpepper could create a job for all of them next year, if he can shake up a team that has dipped to 0-7, and that could lose the next nine.

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I'm flabbergasted that a guy who did well for several years as a starter can't find a job for so long.

Yes he did lousy in Miami, but his leg obviously had not healed fully and the coach didn't know what he was doing. Joey Harrington manages to find a job, perhaps not as starter but a job. I can't believe Culpepper has this much trouble.

I mean, he did win games in the NFL. That has to count for something, even if it's just sitting on the bench.

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