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When do we find out what draft picks we get for Vilma, Robertson


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If Vilma resigns and plays in over 80% of the snaps on Defense we receive a 2nd round pick.

To get anything for Robertson he has to play in over half the snaps, and even then I think its only a 5th or 6th.

the vilma trade is really widly misunderstood. he has to be resigned before the draft for it to be a second, and the saints GM has already said they won't be doing that.

I started a thread about this at a saints board, and they gave me the scoop


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thats ridiculous, why would we agree to that knowing they could just wait until after the draft to resign him? why wouldnt they just make it a 3rd round pick regardless if thats how the deal was set up?

that was my thought exactly. the saints control the outcome, so it really isn't conditional

the only way it makes sense is if tanny figured since FA starts before the draft, teams would try to sign vilma, and the saints would have to sign him before the draft, and we get the second

the only problem with that is then the giants get their first, so that just aint happening

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