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Cavs - Celtics gamethread


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I don't care that it's the Celtics, I'm excited for Basketball! Can't wait for tonight's games!

All I know is that it's right after the Celitcs/Cavs game on the same channel.

Paul Pierce was crying when he got his ring. I don't blame him at all as he played for some really bad Celtics teams. Getting the ring really meant a lot to him.

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That has to be the most hypricitical thing I have EVER heard in my life.

Don't you get it? Your known as the biggest bandwagon on this site, who the **** is a Jets and Giants fan at the same time?

Are you kidding me Gayout? Go kill yourself.

You'll be a Cavs fan by week 3.

"gay out"

are you 5??? seriously, that is weaksauce

think of anything better than that Ghost, that's 5180/madmike material

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I'm no longer going to argue with you, I'll be the bigger man and walk away.

I won't talk respond to nothing you say, I promise you.

somebody sad because his replies of "Gay Out" and "Your IQ is pathetic" weren't holding up against real logic?

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