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Jets-Buffalo score


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Jills 21

jets 17

still have no feel and clue on this team

jets always have a hardtime in buff even in JWN days

I remember being at game when the jets were leading the jills(todd and ferguson were the QBS) jets were up by 2 TD's, went to get a hot dog

came back game was tied

the 2nd half was a disaster.. oh my

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How everyone has soured. Can't blame ya. This is a very talented team, just not playing anywhere near where they should be. From what I have seen from the Jets over the last 2 weeks it could be a blow out. If Favre is responsible for three turnovers, again this week, and Lil Schot doesn't come up with a better game plan, it could be like 34-13 Bills.

With that said, I'm going to say the Jets have their back against the wall, and are going to come through

Jets 28 Bills 17

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True test here for the Jets, if there going to hang around and be a real contender at winning this division this is a game they MUST win. I like them to show up and play well. What scares me is Buffalo coming off that loss to Miami will be ready to play especially knowing they have to travel to New England next week...

In a close one..

Jets 20

Bills 17

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I think the Bills will come out firing after their let down in Miami, I don't think Trent will let himself have another game like that either. The crowd will be fired up for sure too. It'll be a great game.

Jets 17

Bills 27

yeah should be a dog fight. Not sure about Trent but Brett would have to try real hard to match the bad game he had vs KC.

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