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Where's the Herm choir? All together now, in unison:

"The gameplan was sound. The players just didn't execute. Herm can't make the plays for them."

Tampa turned the ball over 4x (KC once), the Chiefs build up a 3 touchdown lead, and they still lose.

Gotta love Herm.

Thats hard to believe win the TO battle 3-1 AT HOME and lose.

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400 yards of offense?!?!?! You can't blame Herm for that. This game is obviously an anomaly. Do you mean to tell me KC scored TDs? I thought it was just 9 FGs.

Yes, sir. KC scored 3 touchdowns on Tampa's defense AND shut down their offense AND won the turnover battle 4:1..............and lost.

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It is over. Was it a farce or a tragedy?

Bit of both. The winning kick, he missed it at first, but the Buccs had already false started so they had to replay the down. They gained some more yards, then kicked it for the win.

Herm spent the last 20 minutes of that game going all out with the flustrated look..

Should we start a petition asking the Chiefs to keep him one more year?

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Herm Edwards Postgame Comments - Bucs

Nov 02, 2008, 4:53:28 PM

On the game: “We were kind of playing at the end with some reserve guys. But you’ve got to give Tampa credit. They came back and made the plays at the end to win the game.

“I thought we got off to a good start offensively. I thought our quarterback had another good day again. I thought the first half the defense did a pretty good job of keeping them out of the end zone. In the second half it kind of got away from us.

“Before the half we gave them a big kickoff return and that hurt us and then a foul and that gives them another three points for 10 points before the half. The second half I thought we moved the ball some but we couldn’t get any touchdowns and we knew these guys would get momentum back. They made the plays at the end with about five minutes when the game could go either way. We didn’t make enough plays similar to last week.”

On the mistakes made by the young guys: “The problem was we lost our starting corner and our nickel back. We had two young guys in there and one of them was cut earlier and we brought him back this week and he had to play a lot. No fault of his, but he had to go play. [CB Maurice] Leggett had to play a lot because [CB Brandon] Flowers went down. We tried to hide him as much as we could but they found him and completed some passes that way.”

On Bucs QB Jeff Garcia getting in rhythm: “He got into rhythm and tackling is the key with these guys because they run a lot of crossing routes. They put the ball inside the numbers for the most part. He did a good job of getting guys open. They made some plays. At the end of the game they got going and we didn’t slow them down. Had we scored a touchdown the game might have been different but we didn’t. You have to knock them out and we didn’t. They got the momentum at the half, I thought.”

On Gonzalez’s offensive pass interference penalty: “We’ll look at it but it’s a bang-bang play and is something not for instant replay. The official made the call and Tony made a great catch. If we get that catch the game is probably over.”

On RB Jamaal Charles’ big day running the ball: “When you draft a guy like that you know you can’t give him the load of the offense. You’ve got to pick your spots, but he’s getting more comfortable. I thought Chan [Gailey] did a good job of getting him the ball in certain situations. He’ll learn from that mistake (Charles’ fumble in the 4th quarter).”

On difficulties moving the ball in the second half: “Didn’t make some first downs on third down situations. We had a third-and-one right (near the goal line). Another one we flinched and then it was a third-and-five.”

On the pass play from WR Mark Bradley to QB Tyler Thigpen: “We practiced it this week. Actually [Thigpen] dropped it in practice and then we came back the next day to make sure he wasn’t going to drop it. We moved it back a little further. The one we did in practice he was standing in the end zone. And Mark threw a good ball. He’s a pro.”

"They got the momentum at the half."??? What, the master motivator couldn't get his team to feel good about a two-touchdown lead at halftime? The way he puts it, you'd think Tampa either tied it up or had a two-touchdown lead themsleves.

And will someone explain to me how any professional football player could respect a coach that calls out a rookie - excuse me - ROOKIES (two DB's and a RB) who he himself saw fit to have on the team & put on the field?

Why is it at all relevant to say that he cut one of his DB's earlier? No one asked him that. Got burned against players who are either better, more experienced, or both. That isn't enough? His own coach has to remind the whole world, "Oh yeah - HIM? I cut him. I am marvelous & would never keep anyone this bad by my own free will."

"We tried to hide him as much as we could but they found him." I have never heard a head coach EVER say anything like this. Basically, "Yeah, he's just a terrible football player that I put out there. Direct your criticism his way instead of mine."

What a complete tool throwing these kids under the bus in yet another attempt to hide his own incompetence.

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